Family Law

Family law is a relatively broad legal practice area that covers both contested and uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and paternity as well as other matters. When family problems arise you need an attorney who is understanding, experienced and qualified to explain all the issues involved.


A divorce proceeding is one of the most challenging cases in which you may become involved. Facing a divorce can be stressful, emotional and complicated. Being comfortable with and having confidence in your attorney will ease your mind and allow you to proceed on with your everyday life during a very difficult time.

Nat has handled many contested and uncontested cases through the years. We shall sit down and evaluate your situation based on Tennessee law and the specific circumstances of your case.

Divorce cases may also involve child custody, child support, spousal support, visitation of a minor child/children, parenting plans, spousal support and division of marital property.

The ability of the husband and wife to communicate has a great influence as to whether or not the case can be resolved by agreement, through mediation or trial by the Court.


Child custody disputes can be difficult for both parents and their children and can have lasting consequences.

In cases such as child custody the focus must always remain on what is in the best interest of the child/children. The differences of opinion between the parents, grandparents or others cannot be allowed to over ride the need for a child to feel loved, secure, be well cared for and safe.

Nat has represented many clients through the years in order to find a solution that will allow the child/children to have a full and happy life.


In order to protect your rights in relation to a child you must take action. Our practice has handled many paternity cases throughout the years. It is our goal to be sure that you are able to establish paternity and develop a relationship with your child as quickly as possible.

We know this process can be intimidating, and that nothing has more drastic consequences in regards to your child. That is why we always make every effort to find a solution that is in the best interest of the child/children as well as one that will protect your rights as a parent.

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Issues such as child support and alimony are vitally important to the financial future and quality of life for our clients.

Our office has the ability to evaluate documented property values, business ownerships, income related documents, bank accounts and investment accounts to ensure you receive or pay fair spousal and child support payments.