Terms & Conditions

Before you make a payment, please read the terms and conditions below:

1. This screen is only to be used for making debit card, credit card, or echeck payments.

2. The card must contain, on the face of the card, one of the following logos: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

3. CAUTION: You cannot use a credit card to pay for bankruptcy services if this is a credit card that will be included in your bankruptcy for discharge. Any use of a card in this fashion can lead to a Complaint by the creditor against you in your bankruptcy case that may deny you the ability to discharge the debt. You can use a credit card for any other services.

4. Email confirmation of payment. One the next screen, you must provide your email address if you want to receive a receipt for your payment.

5. By clicking this box, you authorize Nat H. Thomas, Attorney at Law to charge your card for the amount you indicated. Nat H. Thomas, Attorney at Law is not responsible for overdraft fees or other charges incurred if a debit limit is exceeded. All payments will be applied to an account within 3 business days of submission and approval.