Traffic/Speeding Ticket Defense

You are on the way home.  You hear a siren and see blue lights fast approaching.  You pull over and hope the officer goes on by, but he doesn’t.  The officer issues you a traffic citation.  Under Tennessee law, traffic violations range from minor to more serious offenses.  In some cases, if it is a minor violation and does not require you to appear in Court, it may be best to pay the fine (and possible Court costs), go on with your life and avoid getting other traffic tickets in the future.

Tennessee law is set up on the points system regarding traffic tickets.  The number of points placed against your Tennessee Driver’s License depends on the specific traffic offense you are charged with.  The number of points range from one (1) point for minor offenses up to eight (8) points for more serious offenses.  The rule is if an individual receives twelve (12) points in any 12-month period – it will probably result in suspension of the person’s driving privileges in the State of Tennessee.

Traffic ticket convictions could also increase your car insurance rates.

If you have been issued a traffic citation and want to contest the ticket in Court – give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your case.  Our telephone number is (423) 246-5603.

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